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We are Everett Tile Contractor and we do residential tile installation in Everett, WA. We have satisfied customers all over Snohomish County, the metro area, and the Puget Sound region.

Kitchen Tiling

As kitchen tiling contractors in Everett, WA, we have done our fair share of kitchen remodelings.

Our experience will help you in all steps of the planning process. The first step is to choose a style or a theme for your kitchen. It can be modern and contemporary, country, or traditional.

Once we do that, it becomes easier to go through the tiling options. We can also help with advice for kitchen cleaning and maintenance. Choosing tile with an eye on that can help you save thousands of wasted hours cleaning your kitchen.

Kitchen tile is subject to a lot of use. From high foot traffic to food splatter, and even the accidentally dropped dish.

Glazed kitchen ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles don’t need sealing. The only upkeep is routine cleaning. They can also simulate natural stone, providing their benefits without their maintenance hassles.

Mosaic tiles and glass tile is a great accent for areas such as backsplashes. They cost more, so they should stay above the counter and closer to the eye rather than under your feet.
There is nothing that looks as good as a tile countertop or a tile backsplash.

We are your kitchen tiling experts in Everett, Wash. Call us now for a free quote on your kitchen tiling job.

Bathroom Tiling

We are rated by our clients as one of the best bathroom tiling contractors in Everett, WA.
Bathroom tiling is more popular than ever. You can find bathroom tiles in all qualities, colors, patterns, sizes, styles, textures, and shapes.

Bathroom tiles are often used for floor and wall coverings. They can be simple squares or complex mosaics. They commonly have hard glaze finishes on ceramics.

They are also quick to dry, so you reduce slipping risks in your home. They are also easy to clean, so you spend less time on house chores.

Mosaic tiles make great decorative tiles in bathroom walls. You can make bigger murals or smaller designs around the shower, wash area, or backsplash. There are choices for all budget sizes.

We have years of experience tiling countless bathrooms in Everett, Wash. Call our office today to get a free quote on your bathroom tiling job.

Residential Floor Tiling

As floor tiling contractors in Everett, WA, we know how much a new floor can completely transform your rooms.

Ceramic floor tiles offer several advantages. However, you need a good tile contractor to fully enjoy them. As professionals, we often see poorly installed floors that crack only a few years down the line.

During our installation, we make sure to use waterproof mastic against a dry background. That ensures adherence and a good floor structure.

When applying grout, we make sure to wipe the excess off while it still wet. And then we come back a few days later to apply a silicone sealing, so the finish is complete.

Did you know there is tile that looks like hardwood flooring? This saves you from the upkeep of actual hardwood while giving it its good looks.

We are the best floor tiling experts in Everett, Wash. Call us today and we will give you a free quote on your floor tiling job.

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