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Shower Tile Installation In Everett, Washington

Shower tile installation and updating in Everett

The only part of your home that is regularly and extensively exposed to water and moisture, is the bathroom. To protect your walls from water damage they must be properly tiled. And this is why it is important that you hire an Everett Tile Contractor rather than deal with it as a DIY project. Shower tile installation requires expertise as well as experience. The wall must be prepared before one can install the tiles.

Reasons to Create a Ceramic Wall with Durable Waterproof Tile

When it comes to the walls of your bathroom, you have several options. Creating a ceramic wall with a durable waterproof tile is the best of these choices. Prefabricated installations may seem easier and quicker to place, but they come in limited sizes and specifications. Also, they have a shorter life span as compared with that of a durable waterproof tile.

A ceramic wall created with resilient ceramic tiles takes more time to build than installing prefabricated pieces. However, the skill and craftsmanship of the Everett Tile Contractor ensure that the bathroom walls look terrific. They will also create a safe and comfortable bathroom ambiance that one can enjoy for years to come.

Ceramic Wall Installation

To build a ceramic wall, an Everett Tile Contractor would have to take into consideration the type of wall the durable waterproof tile will be installed upon. On green drywall or plaster, the tiles can be directly installed on the surface. Some other issues that need to be considered are the type and style of tiles used, size of the bathroom, and your budget.

Tips on Choosing the Ceramic Tile

Your choice of the shower tile can transform the appearance of the bathroom. Ceramic tiles are available in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. They are affordable and ideal for use in a ceramic wall. Glossy tiles reflect light well and make the bathroom appear bigger and brighter. You can also go with matt tiles that do not show watermarks easily and are thus, perfect for shower tile installation. Matt tiles that replicate the appearance of materials such as wood and stone may also interest you.

You could choose the same style of ceramic tile for the walls as well as the floor. Alternatively, one could choose the durable waterproof tile to complement the floor and the color scheme in the room. By using matt tiles for the floor one can prevent slips and falls.

Traditionally white-colored grout is used to seal the gaps and crevices between the tiles. Today, you can choose grout in a range of colors. A colored grout in a dark shade would frame the lighter colored tiles and accentuate them. Using mold-resistant grout will dramatically reduce the effort involved in keeping the walls clean.

Consulting with an Everett Tile Contractor will help you understand the wide range of tiling options before you. The expertise the professional brings to the project would ensure that the bathroom remodeling is of high quality and shower tile installation is to your requirements. Call today for a consultation in Everett, WA.