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Here at Everett Tile Contractors, we only have just one mission, and that is customer satisfaction. In all the projects that are entrusted to us by our clients, we target to offer a customer-centered service that will ensure we leave all our clients mesmerized by our expertise and experience. Our services in tile installation have been provided to thousands of customers around Everett, WA. This has given our workers a lot of exposure hence improving their skills and knowledge to help them provide the best delivery to our customers.

We understand that every customer has different needs and demands, and this means that every tile installation project is unique. Due to this, our contractors treat every job with the uniqueness it deserves to give specific satisfaction to every need of a different client. Every construction requires high expertise to yield lasting results. Working with our Everett WA tile installation company will give you exactly that.

Why choose us

High level of experience

Our contractors are highly experienced. They have been in this field for a long period of time. This has made them gain the necessary skills and technical know-how on everything regarding tile installation. This has made them offer the best services to their clients.

Low costs

Our charges are low compared to the average market prices. We make them cheap so that our clients can afford them. We also ensure that the service provided is of the right quality to maintain a good customer relationship. We also offer our clients a bargaining opportunity in case they feel that some of the prices are high.

High level of creativity

Installing tiles in your home requires some level of creativity. This will help enhance the look of your home. We use custom-designed tiles to achieve this. This is why you should choose us as your tile contractor to do the installation in your home.

Good communication

We assign dedicated managers to our entire project. These managers ensure that they relay the right information to our clients on a timely basis. These include project cost, the estimated time of completion, and any inconveniences that may be brought about during the project. This is to prepare our clients and help them plan their schedules without any troubles.

We offer after-sale services

Tile installation could lead to several damages in your house chiefly if it were occupied. After completing the project, we offer cleaning and repair services in case of any damages. We will provide repainting services and general house cleaning for our clients after completion of the project.

We are licensed and insured

We are a licensed contractor. We have the required documents needed to operate. This shows we have been tested and approved to offer quality services. We are also insured. Tile installation can lead to significant damages, and being insured, our clients are assured that those damages are catered for.

We have what every customer needs in every construction. We offer services that exceed the satisfaction of our clients, and this makes us confident that we can meet your standards. Get in touch with our contractors today and discuss your options with us. Call or complete form to get a free quote.